The Company

Del Monte Philippines, Inc. (DMPI) is a leading producer of pineapple and other food products.

The company markets over 100 processed food and beverage variants, including pineapple solids (slices, tidbits, chunks), tropical mixes, pineapple juice and mixed drinks, tomato-based products (tomato sauce, catsup, spaghetti sauce), condiments, and pasta (spaghetti, macaroni).

Today, Del Monte Philippines operates the largest integrated pineapple operation in the world. The company grows pineapple across 20,000 hectares in Bukidnon and Misamis Oriental. Two distinct pineapple varieties are grown, for processing and for fresh fruit export.

Some 700,000 tons of pineapple and papaya are processed each year at its manufacturing plant. This accounts for about a tenth of the world's annual production of processed pineapple products. On this 23-hectare manufacturing complex are fruit receiving stations (the world's largest), fruit processing plants (single and multi-fruit products), juice plants (single-strength and blended products), can manufacturing plants, labeling and packaging lines (carton, plastic cup, glass jar, stand-up pouch), warehouses, container yards and a deep-dredged international seaport.

Around 4,000 regular employees work with Del Monte to bring high-quality products to customers around the globe. Over 90 percent of these employees work in Mindanao. Key teams managing sales, marketing, finance, logistics, product development and other support operations are based in Metro Manila.

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