Easy Appetizers In Less Than 15 Minutes

written on April 04, 2013

Family reunions during weekends are a staple in almost every Filipino home.  It would typically be a potluck affair with each family bringing a dish they lovingly prepared.  Reunion meals need not be arduously prepared. In fact, in just fifteen minutes or less, you can easily whip up these delightful appetizers to tease the palates of all attendees.  Check out some of these easy recipes from Del Monte Kitchenomics:
1. Party Cheese Sticks. Slivers of ham and carrots join rich cheese sauce in golden-fried wrappers. Easy and economical finger food for your next get-together. Cut 100 grams of sweet ham and one large carrot into sticks. Arrange ham and carrot sticks on one side of a lumpia wrapper. Pipe with Del Monte Cheese Magic Sauce. Wrap, roll, and deep-fry until golden brown. Preparation time: 10 minutes.
2. Corned Beef Pizza. Serve on pan de sal halves as a snack, or on mini-baguette slices as an appetizer. Pre-bake/toast pandesal for 2 minutes. Spread with Del Monte Pizza Sauce. Top with corned beef, onion and cheese. Bake for another 3-5 minutes or until cheese melts.
3. Tuna Cups. Baked sliced bread make ingenious cups to hold tuna chunks in a rich and tangy tomato-based sauce. Sauté a batch of chopped garlic, onion, and mushrooms. Add Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce and three cans of drained tuna chunks. Simmer for five minutes and set aside. Fit tasty bread (edges removed) into a muffin pan. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 350°F for 3 minutes. Fill each bread “cup” with 1-2 tablespoons of sautéed mixture. Sprinkle with cheese. Bake for another three minutes or until cheese melts.


Weekend meals need not be expensive; just try a new spin on typical recipes and you will surely win the hearts (and stomachs) of everyone in your family! Check out more easy-to-cook appetizers, meals, and desserts at Del Monte Kitchenomics!

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