Del Monte Red Embutido

Make any day feel like a holiday with this festive, budget-friendly dish. 

Cooking Skills Needed:

Cooking Tools Needed:

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2 pcEggs 
1 pc (medium)Onion(chopped)
150 gramsCheesedog(or sausage, diced)
400 gramsGround Pork 
100 gramsCarrot(diced)
1 pc (medium)Red Bell Pepper(diced)
1 cup Gabi(coarsely grated)
¼ cupPickle Relish 
3 tbspRaisins 
2 tbspLiver Spread 
¼ cupCheddar Cheese(grated)
¾ cupBreadcrumbs 
1 pouch (115 grams)Del Monte
Pineapple Tidbits
1 pouch (200 grams)Del Monte
Original Style Tomato Sauce

Cooking Procedure:

  1. Combine ingredients with 2 teaspoons iodized fine salt (or 2 tablespoons iodized rock salt)  and  ½ tsp pepper.  Mix well. Divide mixture for two rolls. 

  2. Wrap each portion of meat mixture in foil then roll. Twist both edges to seal. Steam for 1 hour. Cool for 15 minutes. Chill if desired. Slice and serve.

    Makes 10 servings


    Lusog notes: Rich in Vitamin A  which is good for eyesight. 

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